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Benefits of smoking Electronic Cigarettes. Here are some of the benefits to switching to an electric cigarette: They Contains no tar, second-hand smoke, or burning chemicals. They can be smoked in high, medium, low nicotine levels and are available in tobacco or menthol flavour based on personal preference. The cost to smoke an e cigarette is drastically lower compared to cost of the real thing. Replacement cartridges are a low cost solution compared to packs of cigarettes. Smoke anywhere you would like Safely smoke indoors free of smoking bans and no smoking signs. Improve the work environments for smokers. Smoke in bars, clubs, restaurants, airports, libraries, or offices. Smoke next to adult non-smokers without bothering them with smell. Conveniently smoke in your home without the bad small of tobacco. Avoid the unpleasant burn marks on clothing, furniture, car seat, and carpet. Simply turn the device on and off with no messy ash or toxic residue. They eliminate the need for lighters as the battery is rechargeable. The device turns on automatically every time it is inhaled. Smoke after exhalation leaves a pleasant aroma that is quickly odourless upon dispersal. It does not leave long-tern bad odours or dangerous toxic residues like traditional smoke. No permanent staining of walls from second-hand cigarette smoke. The cost associated with detoxifying areas or removing odours from indoor smoking can be expensive. Will not stain teeth yellow or leave bad smokers breath unlike the traditional item. Looks, Tastes, and Functions Like a Real Cigarette: Very and sleek design; the most compact version. Never bulky or heavy. Produces vapour resembling smoke LED lights at the tip whenever you inhale resembling smoking. Cartridges are available in the best tasting and most popular flavours. Friends will be amazed at the new technology.

For further information on health benefits etc please see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_cigarette and e how.